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Somerville Tract

Somerville Tract comprises 3,420 hectares of mixed forest property . There are three trail loops covering a variety of terrain including pine plantations, wetlands, hardwoods and rock outcrops. Somerville Tract offers many kilometres of double track. The rolling cottage roads and the forest tracks are ideal for mountain bikes.

Emily Tract

Emily Tract comprises 99.2 hectares (205 acres) of mixed forest property, with two trail loops winding through the property allowing you to explore unique glacial land features, such as moraines and eskers winding through the property. Emily Tract contains two trail loops: Loop #1 is gently rolling and heavily forested. Loop #2 crosses a wooden bridge, is more hilly and is also heavily forested.

Ganaraska Trail

The Ganaraska Trail is a 500 km route crossing into the Somerville Tract and the Victoria Rail Trail.

Ken Reid Conservation Area

Ken Reid offers several loop trails that lead through forests, meadows and wetlands. A favourite route includes the floating boardwalk that winds through the provincially significant MacLaren Creek Wetland bordering Sturgeon Lake. During the summer months you can spot red bellied snakes, snapping turtles and leopard frogs here. Visitors pausing at the observation deck further along the trail may watch the osprey on the nearby nesting platform.

Windy Ridge Conservation

Windy Ridge offers a panoramic view from the lookout perched atop the area’s tallest ridge. Directly below lies Fleetwood Creek wetlands, where the Pigeon River and Fleetwood Creek join. Fleetwood Creek wetland is home to a wide variety of vegetation and has been named an International Biological Program Site. Visible on the southern horizon sits the Oak Ridges Moraine, a protected greenspace.

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area

The Fleetwood Creek Natural Area is a river valley system. It contains lowland forests, hardwood bush, meadows and steep valleys. There are over 250 kinds of plants and 44 types of birds in the Fleetwood Creek Natural Area, including wild turkey that were reintroduced into the region during the 1980s. A variety of geological formations caused by the past glacial period can be found in and around the area, including kames, kettles, eskers and ice-contact ridges.

Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area

Situated on the Pigeon River partially within the Oak Ridges Moraine, this area is important for the many cold water seeps and springs that exist here. Water from the seeps and springs comes from the high grounds of the Moraine and forms the headwaters of the Pigeon River. Headwaters are an essential part of the water cycle and are critical to our water supply.

Balsam Lake Provincial Park

Located on the north end of Balsam Lake, the 946-hectare Indian Point Provincial Park features one of the longest undeveloped shorelines in the Kawartha Lakes region. Consisting of a low, limestone escarpment, this lake shore property is an alvar.

Note: This is not an operating provincial park and there are no visitor facilities.

Emily Provincial Park

Bordering the quiet Pigeon River, this recreational park near Peterborough offers family swimming at two sandy beaches, fishing and a chance to go for a paddle. Enjoy canoeing or kayaking along the river’s shoreline. Explore a wetland where there are numerous wildlife viewing opportunities.

Kawartha Trans Canada Trail

The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail is a 44 kms linear trail that travels east to west between Peterborough County and Region of Durham. This unique four season route of historic and cultural heritage links communities, parkland, farmland and the natural environment by providing opportunities for nature appreciation and interpretation, hiking, walking, cycling, horseback riding and snowmobiling, and preserves the corridor for present and future generations.

Gamiing Nature Centre

Gamiing Nature Centre has 9 Hiking trails through 55 acres of forest and meadow along the western shore of Pigeon Lake. Open for canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing or skiing year round, every day from sunrise to sunset.

Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve

The Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Reserve in Central Ontario is the largest reserve under the protection of Ontario Nature (formerly the Federation of Ontario Naturalists). Located between Norland and Kinmount the reserve is 1164 acres and and is almost entirely forested, much of it being forested wetland.

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